HPCL Policies

HPCL Policies

 Atmospheric Policy -The Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is restricted to impishness its manipulation in such a method as relevant with atmosphere and financial progress of the community. Its purpose is to create an awareness and respect for the atmosphere, emphasizing on each employee’s involvement in atmospheric development by insuring healthy direction practices, visitation and training.

 Health Policy- To endow a structured

 curriculum to oversee and encourage the health of important “Human Resource”, compulsory for productivity and impact of the Corporation.

Safety Policy- As an indiscernible part of its business, HPCL presume that no function or service or activity is so vital or essential that safety be oversee or conciliate. Safety of the manservant and public, protection of their as well as Corporation’s property shall be high priority. Corporation thinks that safety is one of the important instruments to increase productivity and to detract national detriment. The Corporation will constantly effort to obtain and maintain high standards of Safety in its functions.

 Sustainable Development Policy– HPCL, are restricted to achieve the monetary, ecological and social amenableness motive of sustainable development importantly through our various functions and activities.
We will Endeavour to contribute to sustained gross financial progress by continuously renovating the capacity and productivity of our functions. We will execute our trading activities in such a way that the ecological balance is not influenced. We will evolve and conduct curriculum for the community, aright contemplated towards building their individual possibility.  We will:

  • Encourage sustainable progress notion amongst our employees, customers, entrepreneur and others.
  • Unified the sustainable progress motive and opinion in all our business plans.
  • Expanded masterful and clean technologies towards perceive minimum effect on environment.
  • Evolve and materialized good training for gradely usage of natural resources.
  • Constantly monitor and monitoring our activities to abbreviate carbon footprint.
  • Effort to confer a clean, healthy and safe working atmosphere to our employees, neighbors’, customers, consumers and entrepreneur.
  • Sustain suitable development functions for our employees, customers and communicating communities.
  • Inclusive agreeable management systems to monitor and control growth of Sustainability development objectives.
  • Remain restricted to expanded information on our sustainability performance.

Values to Atmosphere Eco Friendly-

  • Constantly pushing to modify Oil Fuel Vehicles into the Auto LPG in order to pollution is diminished and becoming more eco- friendly.
  • Device /import permissiveness of HP GAS is ISO 9001:2000 Certified Plants.
  • Mangalore Import permissiveness is ISO 14001:2004 Certified Plants.
  • Plants have taken verge for receiving ISO 14001:2004 certification.
  • Existing of supervision system for any mud or solid waste disposal. We plan to have ETP (Effluent Treatment Plants) at our general plants to ensure that no pollution egression of plants through waste.
  • Water harvesting plant has been located on few plants. Mangalore Import permissiveness has program to locate, second harvesting plant.
  • Regular farming and keeping green zone.

“Keep our environment green and clean”


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