HPCL Environment Protection

HPCL commitment on environment protection-

Being a human and anxious corporate citizen, HPCL has already committed for environment safety and continually effort to secure that its development scale of function does not guide to environment decadence. HPCL has emphatically induce the level 8 of International Safety Rating System (ISRS) meaning the corporations internationally authorized standard. HPCL’s efforts towards the atmosphere safety or protection measures have won from all abode have fetched it various awards from the government as well as non- government organ.

The policy of environment taken by the Corporation all its functions in such a way that environment conservancy is automatically insured. The both refineries of HPCL have founded system and process ensuring obedience with MINAS norms and other constitutional term of CPCB and State PCB’s. Vast green coverage has been prepared in the Refineries and non- stop efforts have been sustained in the area immanent to the both refineries. The corporation carefully stimulates the environmental awareness among its employees or co- servant. And proposal help to government and NGO’s for spreading the messages in this regards. HPCL influx treatment Plants care about of procedure waste water, floor wash water and tank ranch drains. Ejection of SO2  is monitored by sulphur rally units. FCC unit has a CO2 stove to burn throe CO2  so that no capital is liberated to the environment. The plant have been installed according to the very fine technical standard with the potency to utilize full strength. As far as the effect of newly materialized projects is concerned, the Indian petroleum division has never been fully checked to chalk out the most adept balance between industry and atmosphere. The big atmospheric project as DHDS have been completed for generating HSD with less than 0.26 percent sulphur. The refineries have sustained comprehensive Air Monitoring Stations inside the compound to measure the property of vast air in and around the compound in solidarity with State pollution control board to complete of regulation of Ministry of Environment and Forests. HPCL atmospheric policy is multi- dimension with various rule for various products. The actual recognizance of the hazard zone and the initiative of suitable projects monitor the atmospheric protection righty.

Atmospheric Protection Measures-

Both refineries have continuously completed the constitutional rule and norm by Pollution Boards and Ministry of Environment & Forest Govt. of India. Mumbai refineries is certified company as ISO:14001 and they go through with proactive atmosphere safety steps as mention below:-

  • Set up a three new RSPM Analyzers and commissioned as well as three vast Air Monitoring Station in the refineries.
  • 13 stack analyzers and big fire equipment were located in the refineries.
  • Installed the Mechanical Oil Realization Process to rid waste Oily Mud from the Oil.
  • Bio remediation ranch has been builded for the treatment of Oily Mud.
  • Started an Aerobic Vermi Bacterial (AVB) system for treating canteen waste.

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